I have known several people who made guitars, and have seen many beautiful custom guitars in my life but have never thought I could afford to have that one special guitar made just for me, with my choice of woods, bindings (the part that goes on the edges!) and with all the parts picked out by me. Mike and I started a discussion about guitars, and we ended up finding a place that would make a custom build work for both of us. So, now we are off and running.  I am very excited to tell you that the Sunny Jim guitar is under way, and you can follow the build here. Here is a link to the Michael Giltzow web site, and the Sunny Jim guitar as it's being created.  here.

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‚Äč    When you buy a guitar off the shelf, you end up with one that suits your needs, but rarely your wants. And guitars stay with you for a long, long time. It's a fairly intimate connection between the player and the played, and the action of playing a guitar actually changes the molecular structure of the wood over time. The guitar settles into itself and the resonant frequencies of all the music played on it. That's why older instruments generally sound better than new ones. A custom guitar will start out as the guitar you want, and will grow along with you to become the guitar that is a part of you. 

    I think every person who has played guitar for a while dreams of having a special guitar made just for them. I know I have. In the summer of 2016 I met a man who lives in Boise, Idaho and who builds guitars. I say "builds guitars", though it's much more than that. Even "crafts" is not the right word. Mike Giltzow is an artist in wood. I had seen his beautiful work in guitars made for my friends Jim Morris, Ron Verhei, and Dave Monahan. The woods (called tone woods for their sound characteristics) were beautiful to look at, the construction was immaculate with great attention to detail, and they sounded and played fantastic.os IsType your paragraph here.

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