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The Laidback Lane

   Kick off your shoes, grab a beach chair, dig your toes in the sand and put yourself in a palm tree state of mind. 

 James "Sunny Jim" White

 takes you back to the islands with his original songs about life, love, fun and frolic in the Caribbean and all places near the sea. 

14 time Troprock Music Association

award winner,

Sunny Jim has released his 9th CD of original music with Flotsam and Jetsam

(CD of the Year TropRock Music Awards 2014)

Goodbye 2014, Hello New Year!

   2014 is history now, but what a great year it was. I performed across the US, Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica. I got to know wonderful people from all of those places and more. My twin daughters graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design in May. My Dad turned 87 (!) in November and is still going strong. All in all, a great year.

  2105 is looking good as we work on the schedule for the New Year. We're booking lots of house concerts and big Parrothead events. I'm already more than half way through recording a new CD and will finish it in January. I'm excited about the possibilities of the New Year, and will see you on the road or on the beach!

Host a House Concert!

    We had a wonderful summer, performing from coast to coast in venues ranging from back yards to concert halls. We're booking for Summer 2015, and if you would be interesting in having Sunny Jim perform in your home (or back yard!) we would love to do that. Please contact us at
Let us know where you are and what time of year or specific dates you might have in mind, and we'll try hard to  make it happen. A house concert is a listening event, and the best possible way to experience music. The performer gets to share the stories behind the songs in a setting where you can hear all the words and get the nuance of every note. A house concert is: inviting friends you think would enjoy the music, making a potluck evening happen, having good up close time with the performer, and is usually a $20 per person donation to the performer.

Host a House Party!

    A house party is just that: a party at your house! If you're planning an event (birthday, anniversary, retirement) and would like to have Sunny Jim perform at your event, we can do that, too! A house party is different from a house concert. It's a party! Make noise! Visit with friends! Splash in the pool! Dance dance dance! Contact us with questions at

We are all grieving the loss of a dear friend, extraordinary songwriter and singer,
Hugo Duarte.
Our deepest condolences to his family. He will be missed.

Our friend and long time Jimmy Buffett collaborator Greg "Fingers" Taylor has been stricken with Alzheimers and is now in full time care. If you'd like to say thanks by donating even a little something to a Special Needs Trust set up for him, please click on the URL HERE



Sunny Jim has been hosting singer/songwriters at the Historic Venice Train Depot Cargo Room since 2005. It's a close up show in a wonderful listening environment, with maximum seating for about 75 people.

Shows have included: Keith Sykes, The Barefoot Man (George Novak), Brent Burns, Hugo Duarte, John Frinzi, Jim Morris, Tall Paul and Crawdaddy, Scott Kirby, Jack Mosely, Rob Mehl and others.

Want to know when we have a special show scheduled? Drop us a note HERE and ask to be put on the special Suncoast Serenade email list. Some shows are announced only to this email list, most are posted on our website schedule.

Our last show, Nov 6, with Keith Sykes was a great time, with a great turnout, and an amazing musical experience. That's what we strive for at the Train Depot. An intimate setting where the stories flow, the music carries us away, and where the audience is ready to share the experience. And now, tailgating has become the thing to do pre-show!

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